Terms and conditions

Schools/Colleges are assessed for Associate Membership for the duration of one year.  Annual summary statement must be submitted for maintenance of membership. The process of gaining Associate Membership has three stages.

The first is the eligibility review which leads to provisional status. To be eligible for provisional Associate Membership, the training programme must comply with the essential criteria outlined in

Terms and Conditions

  1. The first is the eligibility review which leads to provisional status. To be eligible for provisional Associate Membership, the training programme must comply with the essential criteria outlined in Appendix 1. These define minimum guidelines for the assessment of the eligibility of the training for provisional status.The second is a site assessment which supports the eligibility review. The ‘site’ is defined as ‘the college or training organisation place of operation. The intention of this process is to establish the training organisation’s educational, academic and practical ground in relationship to WWAHT requirements and standards of education.If the training organisation is successful in its application after stage one and two, it is then granted ‘provisional’ status for one year. This is the first step towards gaining full Associate Membership.The third is the production of annual summary statement which may lead to Associate Membership, providing it complies with the criteria.The following information will be required for the eligibility review:
    1. The rules and regulations of its governing board and clear description of its student evaluation methods and examples of student work and/or samples of staff assessments of student progress.
    2. A list of current students, numbers of past students and numbers of successful graduates in the past academic year (or since the inception of the course).
    3. A detailed curriculum outlining approximate tuition hours in the various subjects covered in the course.
    4. An indication of how its courses do or do not meet the Standards of Practice document of the WWAHT.
    5. Current prospectus, course handouts, course notes, and any other document setting forth the curriculum, staff policies, services and activities of the college.
    6. Information about current equipment (treatment tables, anatomy models etc.) and other facilities.
    7. Details of the nature of the premises used (ownership, rental arrangements, size, and ease of access in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act).

    The following actions may be taken by the WWAHT:

    1. Provisional accreditation granted – if the applicant organisation has met the essential criteria for provisional accreditation, the organisation is formally notified.
    2. Provisional accreditation denied – if the WWAHT finds that the college does not meet the criteria for provisional accreditation, and that there is little or no evidence that these deficiencies will be easily corrected, provisional accreditation will be denied, and the applicant organisation will be notified to that effect, with full reasons given.

    Once provisional accreditation is granted, a college may use the following or other approved wording in its publications and advertising, including advertising on any website:

    “The (name of college) has been granted Provisional Associate Membership Status by the World Wellness Association for Holistic Therapies and is in the process of seeking full Associate Membership.”

    If an organisation has its provisional membership status withdrawn for any reason, it must remove from its prospectus, literature, advertising and elsewhere, any reference to claims of either provisional membership or full associate membership with the World Wellness Association for Holistic Therapies, within thirty days of notification by the WWAHT.

    Educational institutions which have attained provisional membership status shall notify the WWAHT, within 30 days, of any changes in ownership, management, contractual affiliations with other institutions, additions to or major changes to its course, and of any other major items which could substantially affect its policies, staff, curriculum, reputation, legal or financial status. The Board may then request the college to submit full and complete information. Provisional membership and Associate Membership do not transfer automatically with changes of ownership, management or changes to the curriculum. Annual statement summary is required from all provisionally member colleges on the anniversary of the date on which provisional membership was granted. These statements summary must include any changes in the course and its structure, any additions of courses offered at the college, any major staff changes and any changes to its student evaluation methods. Current enrolment, financial stability, graduation information (numbers and names) and staff information must also be included.

    Withdrawal of Provisional Accreditation Status

    The WWAHT reserves the right during the provisional membership period to remove a school from the list of candidates for associate membership, after due notice, if:

    • Evidence of recommended progress is lacking.
    • The conditions on which the school was granted provisional membership have substantially changed.
    • The school appears to be in non-compliance with the essential criteria of the WWAHT’s accreditation process. If the school exhibits evidence of any of the above three conditions, it shall be notified and given 6 months in which to correct the condition. If the condition is not corrected during this period, the school may have its provisional membership status withdrawn.

    Change of premises

    When any Associate training institution moves its operation to new premises at any time, it should report this to the WWAHT before the move or at the latest 30 days after starting courses at the new premises. This report should include such details as the approximate dimensions of the main teaching area, facilities such as side rooms, kitchen, toilets etc, whether these facilities are shared with others, whether owned, leased or hired, access, and any other relevant particulars. Moving to new premises will not normally give rise to an additional site assessment unless the WWAHT, when receiving the report, has serious concerns about the suitability of the premises.